FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 8: Goals and Accolades

And a little bit about the meaning of life . . . .

Many of us could use a little more self esteem. Yet we continually look for esteem outside ourselves in the external environment.

For me, it was attention from the opposite sex. Or getting hired by a good employer. Or publishing a paper. These things are well and good, but they are also fleeting.

It’s like your mom telling you your handsome. Or when everyone gets a trophy. It’s not our fault.

I struggle to ‘know’ that I am good regardless of my achievements and seek to learn how to self-validate my worth.

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Episode 8: Goals, Accolades, and the Meaning of Life?

I struggle with getting praise for my accomplishments. Earning money, having a ‘good job’, winning trophies, making people like you, achieving, getting good grades – so much of life is tied to ‘chasing carrots’ to earn accolades.

In my youth my accolades were mostly self-realized. I was such a loner I had to learn to praise myself and realize my own accomplishments. These achievements were measured in things like satisfaction and happiness. But somewhere along the lines I switched over to external gratification and fell into a pretty big trap where I could never achieve enough to get enough praise to feel good about myself.

Those scenarios area little exaggerated, but you get the point.

As I age I realize my youthful naïveté was a better modus operandi. Now I am trying to relearn how to ‘esteem myself’ and appreciate my achievements from within myself and my close friends and family.

I argue that society goes through similar cycles and recent events put us right in the crosshairs for some serious self-reflection about what we really want out of life.

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