PREVIEW KEW Episode 72: What is Success?

How do YOU define success?

I would like to say I define success in terms of happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t let money and power creep in there.

I think most of society, or at least the *SHOULD* elements from society and the process of Domestication teach us that money and power are the measures of success.

And to a large degree they are.

Look around. We are bombarded by ‘get rich quick schemes’, influencers with millions of likes, flashy cars and clothes, and seemingly perfect bodies.

All of these require money and power. Or at least that’s what we believe.

But many of us, myself included, DO measure our lives in different terms. We just feel like no one else does or cares.

And if I think it means a lot do be a good dad, but no one else does, it becomes harder to believe myself.

I wish we could normalize recognizing other measures of success so that we could all feel better about ourselves.

Because at the end of the day, all the money and power in the world isn’t going to solve our problems, make us happy, or find us love. Regardless of what Instagram tells you.

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FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 52: Hard and Soft Realities / The Are vs. Should Prob

Thinking about the person you ARE and the person you feel like you SHOULD BE can be confusing. I think we mostly know when we are doing something that fits with our ‘core values’, but sometimes we don’t.

Have you ever wondered what your motivation is in a certain situation?

For example, you find a $50 bill on the ground. Do you immediately stuff it in your pocket? Do you look around to see who might have dropped it? Or do you pause for a moment and wonder what to do?

It can be hard to know.

In Episode 51: The Personal Inventory I suggested a few ways to learn about your values, interests, and needs.

In this third installment of the Are vs. Should Problem I introduce a way to start separating our world so we can better understand it. And it’s a pretty simple split:

Hard realities are measurable. Things you can see. Science-y.

Things like, ‘how much money?’

How many years? How long? Where? Which career?

Hard realities are things that are distinct and pretty easy to identify.

I like hamburgers better than tacos.

Hard realities are black and white.

Soft realities are everything else.

They’re touchy-feely. They’re more abstract.

What are the different types of love?

Am I a liberal republican or a conservative democrat?

Soft realities are grey.

Deciding your position or opinion on things can be pretty hard. Splitting your list into hard and soft categories can make this process a lot easier.

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FLASHBACK! KEW Curiosity Interview Series 1: Paul Gadola

In this first of ten Curiosity interviews I introduce you to Paul Gadola. As I told Paul a few days ago, he is someone who has climbed the mountain, attainted Wisdom, and come back down the mountain to share the Wisdom with us. He has not only put a lot of energy into figuring some things out, he is putting a lot of energy into explaining what he has learned. Chief among his tenets is to Love yourself first. I think you get a pretty good glimpse at that person in the hour that we talked.

I’m proud to share this experience with you, and grateful to have come to know Paul as a colleague and buddy. We talk about Curiosity, but also about self discipline, integrity, and Love. If I never shared this interview with the world I would still be a better person for having experienced it. I truly hope you take the time to watch and to listen to what Paul shares. There is much to learn and more to think about.

I am also fortunate to be reading a draft of book Paul is working on. I will be sure to keep you posted as that evolves.

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Preview KEW Curiosity Interview Series: Dan Faill

I can’t wait for you to watch or listen to this weeks’ Curiosity interview. Dan Faill is one of those guys we can all learn from AND you’ll have a blast while you learn. After a successful career helping college students navigate greek life, Dan has transitioned to full time keynote speaker. He shares his knowledge, experience, and wisdom with us to help improve our lives.

Dan is not afraid of the tough topics, rather he EMBRACES them in ways that make us comfortable with the uncomfortable.

You will find links to all of Dan’s work here, and he has a glorious social media presence.

See a preview video here:

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KEW Curiosity series interview: Paul Gadola

One of my greatest character flaws is being resistant to people. When I meet new people I often assume they won’t like the ‘real me’ and this often prevents me from developing deep relationships. Sometimes this is protective, because some people might ridicule you or react negatively to who you really are. But the worst result from this type of approach is not giving people a chance. I’m not sure I did that with Paul, but when we first met I didn’t see the potential friendship because I was in my protective bubble – and that’s on me.

Fortunately for me, Paul reached out to me and we have developed a friendship which has grown easily and effortlessly. And I owe him a debt of gratitude for initiating that and sort of pushing through any walls I might have had up. This is the first lesson Paul taught me. I guess the lesson there is to be open to the world rather than closed off. To believe that the world wants and needs your unique vision and that it’s your responsibility to share it.

Paul Gadola owns a CrossFit gym ( and his wife owns a healthy meals business ( so they literally embody the mind/body/spirit mantra, living it every day. Paul’s messages are so well informed, well thought out, and COMPLETE that it’s hard not to learn something from his videos and messages. His instagram offers so much to the spiritual thinker you will have plenty to chew on for weeks. And it’s hard to argue with how he has compiled so many viewpoints, so many belief systems, and so much diversity in his messages. He seems to have filtered out all the junk and come up with a holistic, all-inclusive organization of a way to approach enlightenment for our species.

Though I had a few issues during recording, we were able to capture a lot of Paul’s wisdom in this Episode and there is a lot here to help us all grow and understand ourselves better. I strongly urge you to check out his instagram series or his facebook page to go deeper into what he is offering. And maybe send him some encouragement to package all of this into a book or something;)

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Preview: KEW Curiosity Series: Paul Gadola

This week I’ll release the first in a series of interviews about Curiosity starting with my buddy and spiritual confidante, Paul Gadola. Paul lives in my hometown, and though we didn’t really know each other well for several years, we have bonded over our similar paths. Paul has a wealth of Knowledge (and Experience and Wisdom) about all things spiritual and is currently writing a book to share his unique vision. Fortunately he also shares his messages on instagram and facebook and following him will inspire you. There is much to learn from his inclusive approach to spirituality and I’m honored he was open to sharing with us in this series debut.

If you have listened to any of my solo episodes, you already know how Paul has influenced my thinking. One of my favorites is, ‘We all think we’re right’. Just hearing Paul verbalize this statement has softened the way I look at other people in my life – which has been especially helpful during these divisive times. Paul just has that way about him. He is the most peaceful, kind, and ‘chilled out’ dude I’ve met in my adult life and we all can learn a lot from him. Here’s a preview of what’s coming this Friday.

Episode preview here:

Paul owns Iron Mountain Crossfit gym and his wife, Shelley, runs Sunmeal Prep offering healthy prepared meals. Together they truly embody the mind/body/spirit holistic approach to living a good life – something for us all to aspire to.

KEW Episode 24: Religion

I grew up in a house without Religion. My parents never went to church and my only experiences with church or religion was attending weddings and funerals. As I grew older I sought a spiritual connection, maybe because I didn’t have religion in my life – I don’t know.

I found spirituality in philosophy and ecology. I also grew to appreciate native spirituality from cultures that pre-date christianity.

In short, I’ve pieced together my ‘religion’ or ‘spirituality’ essentially on my own.

Here I share my journey and where I am currently with respect to my personal spirituality and my views on religion in general.

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KEW Preview Episode 24: Religion

This week I share my history and thoughts about Religion. I intended to make my way to Buddhism, but ran out of time so will save that for a future episode.

In short, I grew up without religion and have been allowed to make my own decisions. This week I share where I arrived.

Let me know your thoughts!

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