Links and References

Here’s a dynamic list of things that influence me.

  • Website and forum for Gary VanWarmerdam and his method of self mastery. Gary’s book ‘Mindworks’ has influence me greatly and I find his videos and teachings extremely valuable

  • James is the author of ‘Atomic Habits’, a book that outlines an intuitive way to learn new habits and stop practicing bad ones.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance at Amazon

  • One of my favorite books about Quality, psychology, and supposedly the best selling philosophy book of all time.

An overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the Mayo Clinic

  • A good start to changing your behavior, thoughts, and old beliefs.

  • Paul Lutus’ website. I discovered him through his solo sailing ebook (free on his website) but found so much more. He’s the guy explains that a dictionary is not a book of what words mean but a book of what we think words mean.

  • Dax Shepard’s podcast. It’s really good and he gets some great interviews.

  • American nomads document their adventures in an rv then a sailboat. True adventurers and super well made.

  • Podcast by David McRaney. Well researched, pertinent topics for free thinkers. Very stimulating stuff.

  • Stephen West is simply amazing. Each podcast is an unbelievably understandable summary of a great philosopher, philosophical idea, or tome. If you ever wanted a ‘philosophy cliff’s notes’ this is the place.