Links and References

Here’s a dynamic list of things and people that influence me.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Rutger Bregman and his book, ‘Humankind: A Hopeful History‘ In this work Dr. Bregman explains, with painstaking example and researched support, how we have been brainwashed into believing humans are inherently evil. He walks us slowly through a swamp of evidence against this outdated theory and illustrates convincingly that we are truly born to be good.

  • Pat and Ali Schulte, and their two kids, are true adventurers. I would call them digital nomads, except most everything about them oozes analog – which is a big part of their appeal. They run a blog that features only words and pictures. They rarely live in a house. Look for them in an upcoming Are vs Should interview.

  • Don Miguel Ruiz is the author of ‘The Four Agreements’ and other books about Toltec wisdom. I’m into everything Toltec and you will find links to Ruiz’s books, similar works by his two sons, and many other Toltec elements on his website.

  • Lynne Twist’s book “The Soul of Money” has blown my mind. In it she describes how she built successful non-profits and changed her attitude about money. The story that resonates the most with me is her work with Pachamama and assisting indigenous people with modern views of money. This book, and her work, will change your life.

  • Mandy Napier is a mindset alchemist, former champion triathlete, and someone who can help you get unstuck. I am a client of Mandy’s and cannot say enough about her capacity to help you understand the power of mindset in achieving your goals.

  • Neil Bjorklund is a somatic healer specializing in body awareness and examination of human complexity. Neil is helping me connect with the characters and parts that summarize my being. Working with Neil has illuminated my past and helped change my limiting beliefs .

  • Website and forum for Gary VanWarmerdam and his method of self mastery. Gary’s book ‘Mindworks’ has influence me greatly and I find his videos and teachings extremely valuable

  • James is the author of ‘Atomic Habits’, a book that outlines an intuitive way to learn new habits and stop practicing bad ones.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance at Amazon

  • One of my favorite books about Quality, psychology, and supposedly the best selling philosophy book of all time.

An overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the Mayo Clinic

  • A good start to changing your behavior, thoughts, and old beliefs.

  • Paul Lutus’ website. I discovered him through his solo sailing ebook (free on his website) but found so much more. He’s the guy explains that a dictionary is not a book of what words mean but a book of what we think words mean.

  • Dax Shepard’s podcast. It’s really good and he gets some great interviews.

  • American nomads document their adventures in an rv then a sailboat. True adventurers and super well made.

  • Podcast by David McRaney. Well researched, pertinent topics for free thinkers. Very stimulating stuff.

  • Stephen West is simply amazing. Each podcast is an unbelievably understandable summary of a great philosopher, philosophical idea, or tome. If you ever wanted a ‘philosophy cliff’s notes’ this is the place.