Preview KEW Episode 64: The Forest for the Trees

I love the ‘forest for the trees’ metaphor because it describes a fundamental facet of human nature.

Most of the time we tend to be myopic, only seeing what is right in front of us. For whatever reasons, our species is great at believing what our eyes see. Our ‘field of view’ seems to be ‘all there is’.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to think of ‘myself’, my ‘self’, the ‘real me’, whatever, as being a combination of my eyes and brain.

Like when I meditate, I close my eyes but still think of ‘me’ as being my brain and my eyes. And I guess the rest of me is just the rest of me.

Despite having four other completely developed and incredible senses, we default to our eyesight as telling us what the world is.

And, even further, we tend to believe the world is only what is within our field of view. Or right in front of us.

So, yeah, a lot of the time I’m not really aware of the forest because I believe the handful of trees in front of me is all there is.

To see the world more completely I try to be aware of my other senses and the other parts of the world that exist whether I see them or not:)

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FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 18: Dream Bigger

I recorded this episode based on a story someone once related to me about her post high school goals being ‘restricted’ by her family and cultural traditions. In other words, people ‘like her’ didn’t do certain things, or more accurately, could only do certain things. There were only so many career choices, or partner choices, or even the kinds of cars she could drive.

Like many things I simultaneously appreciate and despise this notion. On the one hand, traditions are important and how else are they conserved if they are not taught? As a lover of bluegrass music I get the tradition thing. It’s important to know where you came from and who invented the three-finger banjo roll *(Earl Scruggs). On the other hand, the next generation should absolutely not be carbon copies of us and things must necessarily change. If there’s anything we know about life is that change is a certainty (see Charles Darwin).

So having that knowledge, and experience in both of those worlds, I have a lot to say about dreams. I hope you enjoy.

Short 30 second preview here:

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