FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 56: Domestication

Have you read anything by Don Miguel Ruiz? His most famous book is, ‘The Four Agreements: The Practical Guide to Personal Freedom‘, but he has several more. And both of his sons, Don Miguel, Jr. and Don Jose Ruiz have multiple books about Toltec wisdom.

Don Miguel just released a new book, ‘The Mastery of Life: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom‘ and it is incredible.

These guys Toltec ‘men of knowledge’ from a long lineage of people living in Mexico. You can learn more about the Toltecs here: https://www.historycrunch.com/toltec.html#/.

The key tenet of the Toltec/Ruiz family legacy that I talk about in this episode is Domestication. The Toltecs use this term to describe the ways humans are changed by the people around them as they grow up. Domestication starts immediately upon birth and continues throughout our lives.

During Domestication we learn how to do many helpful things like walk and talk but we also learn things like what religion we believe in or whether or not we live with our parents our whole lives.

In short, Domestication are the norms, rules, and laws we are taught that teach us what to believe and how to behave. Some of these things are incredibly helpful whereas others are not.

To varying degrees humans will question their beliefs as our lives unfold. We wonder why we feel a certain way about this or that. And often we have no answer. We can’t remember ever even thinking about whether we like eating animals, for example, and may realize we didn’t even know we had a choice. Or we sit in church one day and ask why we worship a God who doesn’t approve of our sexuality.

The Toltecs, and the Ruiz’s, teach us how to become aware of the ways we have been Domesticated and even demonstrate how we can change the beliefs we may no longer need or agree with.

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KEW Episode 58: Fix the Broken System

In this episode I cover two main points:

  1. Millions of people have no interest in the Are vs Should Problem because they can’t meet their basic human needs for things like food, clean water, and safe shelter.
  2. These problems can only be fixed if we live more in the Are and less in the Should.

There are no two ways about it, I believe that we need to be more Are, and less Should. I am even starting to believe that the world’s biggest problems can only be solved by people who realize their full ‘Are’ potential. It seems imperative that we learn to develop our Are potential and to shun the Shoulds. Being in our Ares is what is going to fuel the creativity necessary to move forward as a species and solve our most pressing issues.

And, sure, some people already live more in their Are who have invented awesome things like rocket ships an iPhones, but many of these amazing inventions don’t mean much to a lot of people on Earth. I think much of the industrialization and consumerism we see today is fueled by the Should and not the Are.

Similarly, many people do not have the food, water, and shelter necessary to even ponder the Are vs Should Problem. I realize my white privilege is what allows me to even ask whether I am the person I AM or the person I feel like I SHOULD BE. I get that. Not everyone has that luxury. But we all deserve it. We’re all born to be who we Are, but our circumstances and opportunities available dictate whether we have luxury time to ponder such things. And the solutions to these food, water, and shelter problems is going to be found by someones’ (or many someone’s) Are.

Every person on earth deserves to have their needs met. We deserve to have food, clean water, safety, community, and all of the other basic needs. We also deserve to wonder and to be curious. We deserve to have the choice about whether we thrive or survive. We deserve the chance to be who we Are.

So I feel a sense of urgency around the Are vs Should Problem. We need more of us to think. To learn. To create. To figure out. But to do these things we need to allow ourselves to bIf more of us learned how to minimize the Shoulds, we would make more discoveries, invent more useful items, and more quickly solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Obviously this means that we, as individuals, need to work on this – and I promise, I will develop a “how-to” in the not-too-distant future, but we also need to pave the way for everyone else.

Think about it. We can put people on the moon. Entrepreneurs go to ‘space’ for fun. Most of us have the internet in our pockets. Don’t tell me we can’t figure out how to take care of each other. To give each other the opportunity to be who we Are.

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FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 27: The NEW American Dream

After WWII Americans made some major advances in the pursuit of happiness. The 40-hour workweek. Worker protections via unions. Inexpensive plastic goods and TVs in every room. We purchased homes, went to college, and earned pensions for healthy retirements. We had picket fences, 2.3 kids, and stayed married (but not always happily). Our grandparents passed these ideals on to their children, and to each successive generation, changing very little with respect to goals and ideals. Depending on your age, you are the second, third, or fourth generation to come after that era that started nearly 80 years ago.

That dream worked out well for our ancestors, and maybe for their kids. But things have changed. Guaranteed pensions became incredibly volatile 401ks. Health care became more expensive and less helpful. College expenses multiplied by a factor of 10 or more, far outpacing inflation. We had kids later, and though we spent more time with them, they learned less about life because we protected them from it. The jobs our parents had changed dramatically for the worse, and by the time we got our degrees the jobs we wanted looked nothing like what we expected.

In short, living our ancestors’ dreams didn’t work out so well.

When we are born we make these and other silent agreements with our families, societies, religions, peers, employers, and other people and groups we may never meet. We obey the rules, norms, and laws of the countries we live in. We accept our familial beliefs. We learn the rules from the schools we attend. A lot of these rules are good. They keep us safe and peaceful. But some of these rules are just plain dumb, and it’s time we pushed back on the things that aren’t working out for most of us. It’s time for a NEW dream.

This episode is related to a bigger project I’m currently working on starting with Episode 43: Diversity and Uniqueness and Episode 44: Unnatural Selection.

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